What’s up with vision boards, and do they really work? I’ve heard the concept of these magical manifesting posters for years now. “Just put up a picture of the beach and a baby and next thing you know, you’re knocked up in Hawaii!” Umm…say whaaaat? I decided to give it a whirl. I’m a big fan of low-risk enlightenment. This could make all my dreams come true but if not, nothing will change? Sold! The incredibly intriguing, Consciousness of Abraham via Esther Hicks speaks often on being as specific as possible with the Universe.

For example, you can revamp the thought, “I want cute clothes.” into, “I want the amethyst colored Good Vibe Tribe racer back tank from SuperLoveTees.” Obviously, I really want that shirt. Haha! It’s my favorite color. The feathers remind me of my American Indian heritage. And I’m trying to invite in a tribe of amazing uplifting women.

That example is on the simple and surface side of reality but it’s just as feasible a request as your dream job, home, or mate. So start with the tee-shirt. See it manifest. Then get CRAZY!

good-vibe-tribe6 months ago I created this vision board and it’s been taped to a cabinet in my kitchen. I walk by it multiple times a day and if I get bored enough to the dishes I just stare at that board. It has definitely infiltrated my subconscious mind. All the shit on there is coming true!

  1. My Core Desired Feelings Image. – I’ve since completed the Desire Map and narrowed it down to 4 CDF’s. VIBRANT! EMPOWERED! EXCITED! FREE! With the knowledge of my deep desired way to feel, I can start making decisions and seeing the world in a new way that will lead to what I truly want. I’m also now a wee bit obsessed with Danielle LaPorte and her authentic creative beauty. I want to share her message with the WORLD! Plus, she recently released gorgeous Sacred Geometry and CDF temporary tattoos and that’s just plain fun. 🙂
  2. Chakra Dancer. – I just booked a very exciting gig as the Choreographer for a new musical! Dance is my soul and greatest joy. Healing women through dance is my dream and I’m constantly asking to be guided to things that will show me how! Erin Stutland was my latest greatest discovery in this area! And I’ll be in a workshop with chakra shaman, Alberto Villoldo in a few weeks! Ooh!
  3. Citrine! – I loves me some crystals! Citrine is the stone of happiness and abundance. I wanted to invite more financial abundance into our lives and we’ve made more money in the last 6 months than ever before in either of our lives!
  4. Kuan Yin, Goddess. – “Focus on the light and love within everyone.” My Doreen Virtue Goddess Deck is fun and comforting. I even manifested a beautiful Quan Yin opalite pendant that I love.
  5. Gabrielle Bernstein. – I’ve adored her and her message for a lot longer than 6 months. This picture was to help me remember to meditate! That’s been a struggle. I’m purchasing her Miracles Now Meditation Videos for added assistance. That’s an amazingly practical book and the kundalini meditations rock. I’ll post a video soon of my kids and me meditating. It’s hilariously adorable!
  6. Teal Swan. – Mind blowing woman. Her YouTube page, The Spiritual Catalyst, has introduced me to concepts I’ve never heard that deeply resonate. She’s intense and intriguing and in 3 weeks I’m going to be sitting in the same room as her! I’ll be attending the Hay House I Can Do It Conference in Denver and I am so STOKED!!!
  7. Diva Pic. – I’m a professional singer and it’s important for me to stay confident and vibrant. Beyonce and J Lo are major performers. I’m not a huge fan of their music but they put on a hell of a show and are thoroughly entertaining. My gigs have gone to a new level this year.
  8. Sleep! – I was hoping that this Truthbomb would really sink in but it hasn’t yet. I stay up too late and regret it in the morning. It’s a process, right? 🙂
  9. Institute of Integrative Nutrition. – I start classes next month!! This is a massive dream come true for me and I am ecstatic!
  10. Just a reminder to the Universe. I. AM. READY.

Are you ready to make your vision board? Be specific, have fun, and let me know what you manifest!