Have you ever felt uncomfortable in your skin? I have. It doesn’t always mean that something is wrong. Sometimes it means that it is time for an upgrade. Your spirit is ready for the next level and that is going to take some adjustments. We have the option, every day, to shift. Shift into our next level of experience.

If you are an owner of a smart phone then you know how different things are when you get the newest upgrade. The iPhone 4s is capable of so much but holy shit, check out this iPhone 7! New tricks. Shinier. Bigger. Brighter. There’s a learning curve as we navigate the new options, apps, and updates but once we figure it out, that phone is our key to whatever we need at any moment.

We are the same way!

When is the last time that you upgraded yourself?

I was singing at a beautiful wedding last weekend and I started getting chills. I felt a bit dizzy and excited and I knew what was happening. Like a snake, I was shedding a layer because it was time for the newer version of me to emerge. I have been operating as iBlaze 4s but it’s time upgrade to the iBlaze 7. When I feel uncomfortable today it is because I am allowing things, people, foods, and stories into my life that do not allow me to reach my next level.

We must release the things are no longer serving us if we want to rise higher.

Are you due for an upgrade?

Let’s get uncomfortable for a minute while we navigate the new upgrades to all our inner apps.

The “Should That Negative Gossiper Still Be Your Friend?” App,

The “Have You Outgrown This Relationship?” App,

The “Admit It, That Food Makes You Sick, Tired, and Sad” App,

and finally, The “You’re Never Too Old to Find Your Way Back to Yourself and Your Dreams” App.

Download the new versions of YOU!

I hope this analogy helps you as much as it’s helping me right now. Please share with me in the comments below, one area where you are ready to upgrade to the next level of YOU.

With all my love,

iBlaze 4s (upgrade releasing soon! Very soon.)

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