April 10-16 is National Crime Victims Rights Week. This is the perfect time for me to share some tools that have helped me heal from a crime I was the victim of. Unexpected violence in our lives can drastically shift our perspective and cause a tailspin of pain and fear. I suffered for many years with PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), flashbacks, and not knowing how to handle uncertainty.

Lissa Rankin, MD, is an incredible best-selling author. She wrote Mind Over MedicineThe Anatomy of a Calling, and The Fear Cure. Her books always start with ample research and studies for the skeptics or logic driven minds. She then completes her books with TONS of practical tools so that we can actually apply the healing theories to our lives. Thanks to The Fear Cure, I can now identify true fear from false fear, witness my fear with curiosity, and have tools to calm my entire system.

Lissa Rankin also sends me my favorite emails ever! The Inner Pilot Light messages! If you’re interested in a daily message of inspiration, please sign up! I feel like she somehow knows what I need to hear each day.

I’d like to give a huge shout-out to Victims For Justice and the Violent Crimes Compensation Board! Theses organizations came to my aid in my greatest time of need and I will never forget that. Victims for Justice was my advocate, my voice when I was to scared to speak. They held my hand in court and stayed by my side. The Violent Crimes Compensation Board covered my family and I financially in our dark scary time. They paid my hospital bills, my (and my parents) lost wages, and counseling.The man who hurt me a decade ago was very recently released from prison and these organizations have returned to my side with fresh support and funds for a security system and a new round of counseling for the PTSD and fear that has returned as a result of his release. They’ve been a light of hope when I needed it the most and I am eternally grateful!

If you are struggling with fear and have been the victim of a crime please know that you are not alone and you can recover! You are incredibly worthy of healing. I hope this video and this amazing book can serve you on your healing journey.