Celebrate your heart out! Revel in the synchronicity and then take a freaking break. Phew.
How has your September been?! This has been a whirlwind month for me and to be totally honest, I’m crashing now. And that is a-okay! September is Recovery Month and on September 22nd I celebrated 6 years of sobriety! That’s such a huge deal in my life so I try to celebrate that as much as possible and give back to others in recovery in any way that I can. Click HERE to watch the short Facebook live video I made on my sobriety berfday!
Have you experienced synchronicity in your life? I used to believe in coincidence. Not anymore! When things align so perfectly that it makes me smile ear to ear, I know I’m on the right path. This month was chock-full-o synchronicity! September 16th is the anniversary of the most traumatizing day of my life. On that day, 14 years ago, I woke up to a masked man in my bedroom and suffered the greatest physical and emotional pain of my life. This year on that day I stood at Hostetler Park, as the Vice-President of the Board of Directors for Victims for Justice, the very same organization that helped me so much after that violent attack. I was front and center helping to honor victims of violent crime. It was such an incredible full-circle healing moment.
I was also asked to perform on Daybreak, a local Anchorage morning news show, to promote Recover Alaska and their event that my band was headlining. Normally I wouldn’t be super interested in singing at 6am but the date of the show just happened to be on my sobriety b-day so how could I say no to starting that special day in such a powerful way?! (You can watch that performance here: Mic Check with Blaze & Eric)
Thank you all for your part in my recovery! If you’re struggling with addiction and have any questions AT ALL about my journey and recommendations, please please reach out!!! It is my greatest honor to help others on this path!
Here are a few fun things coming up soon in my world! Join me! Join me!
My girl Erin Stutland is offering her Say It, Sweat It, Get It Challenge for free! 5 days of 5-minute workouts that will have your booty shakin’ and your heart soaring! It doesn’t take going to extremes to live in a body you love, just 5 minutes a day of joyful movement! Learn how to create a huge shift in your mind and your body during the Challenge and get a video delivered to your inbox every day to get moving. Join me in the fun right here: Say it, Sweat it, Get it!
The amazing, Kathrin Zenkina is at it again and just came out with a new book that I love! “She’s Killin’ It, The Ultimate 21 Day Journal for Manifesting Your Kickass Life.” Journaling always seems like such a chore to me but when I write things down I release my pain and bring in my joy and healing SO MUCH FASTER! I’m really looking for an accountability buddy to go through this journaling experience together. Please let me know if you’d be interested in joining me! You can purchase the book here: “She’s Killin’ It”.
Love ya,
Blaze xo