I enter the coffee shop and see her sipping coffee and writing. Always writing. As I walk towards her table I begin to smirk. I know that when she sees me she’ll get up and run over to hug me with a huge loving smile on her face. I’ve never been much of a hugger but with her…I look forward to it.

solveigApproachable. Warm. Glowing. Humble. Solveig.

Solveig (Soul-Vay) is the first Life Coach I met. She and I were introduced when we were two of Alaska’s Top Ten Hotties, according to the 2013 Anchorage Press. Yeah, that’s right! 🙂 I had been sober for about a year and a half when we met. I was deep in my process of becoming super awesome so, adding an angelic Life Coach to the mix sounded perfect! I was constantly working the 12 steps, occasionally seeing a therapist, and eliminating other shitty addictions from my day to day life. (ie. Dairy and Self-Pity)

Solveig explained that her coaching was about focusing on the present and future. We could work together to look at all areas of my life and see where things could improve. She’s a superstar with goal setting and gentle accountability. (Which is why it’s no surprise that she is well received as a Communications Teacher at UAA.) I was so sick of focusing on my past in the recovery world. I’d completed my first round of the 12 steps which meant that I’d released TONS of past pain, made oodles of amends and I was ready to ROCK! But I wasn’t sure how and that’s where, Sol & Heart Coaching came in!

My sessions with her brought me much needed clarity about who I wanted to be and what I needed to do to get there. She taught me how to set goals effectively. Solveig suggested authors that have truly changed my entire outlook on life in the most beautiful way! And she guided me to my dream school, which I start next week!

Sol & Heart Coaching led me to find my guru, Gabrielle Bernstein, gave me the focus needed to release my debut album, The Sound of a Duo and most importantly she introduced me to the, Integrative Institute of Nutrition. Next week I start my journey with IIN to begin my absolute dream job of being a Health & Wellness Coach! I couldn’t have done it without her guidance! Thank you so much, Solveig!!

Please check out her website and Facebook page! Her coaching shifted my journey in a powerfully positive way and I know she can do the same for you!

You are deeply worthy of a life of your choosing. A life that gives you room to grow, expand and SHINE! All I needed was the willingness to show up and then the opportunities began flowing in. When I became willing to meet my miracles halfway, everything shifted.

Thank you, Solveig for sharing your encouragement, love and guidance with us!