I have hand-selected these programs and products because, in my opinion, they are exceptional. Some of these are affiliate links. I would never recommend anything I didn’t wholeheartedly believe in. That being said, please choose what you feel is best for you, as only you know best. Enjoy.

Grace Smith’s 3-minute hypnosis meditations have become a daily practice! Having her Grace Space App on my phone enables me to stop, drop, and tune in any time I’m feeling stressed!
I became a Certified Health Coach in May 2016 through IIN and it was one of the best decisions of my life! If you are interested in healing the world with a holistic approach, (Mind, Body, and Spirit), check out the teachers and curriculum here! It changed my life.

Manifestation Babe

What’s your money story? Do you believe that there’s never enough or at least not for you? Well, it’s time to change that story and Kathrin Z of Manifestation Babe will help you melt away your limiting beliefs and start manifesting your dream life. Working with her has taken the abundance in my life to the next level!

In 2011, I finally became willing to change my life. That change started when I got clean and sober. It took an incredible amount of work to heal and I love and honor organizations like, Sober Nation, who are committed to helping addicts get the help they need so that they can live an amazing freaking life!!

One of my dreams is to heal women through dance and Erin Stutland is already rocking that! Her fun workouts combine mantras with movement. It’s the most motivating and uplifting way to sweat!
I consider D.L. the fierce mama bear Mistress of Desire! Her books, poems, temporary tattoos, audio clips, and more have been an incredibly inspiring part of my journey! She will help you remember how you want to FEEL!

Gabby Bernstein

I’ve read all her books. I’ve watched all her Youtube videos. I’ve done all her meditations. And yes, I even have the t-shirt! Gabby B is a must-have resource for recovering addicts who are ready to shift into Spirit Junkies!

As a certified Health Coach, I am always on the hunt for the highest quality nutrition and I’ve found it in Purium! I double dog dare you to find a more pure high vibe line than this. Haha! Organic, non-gmo, Zero Sugar/Dairy/Soy/Corn/Artificial Sweeteners. Use my code: blazebell to save $50 off your intial order. I recommend the 10 Day Transformation, Can’t Beet This, and Chill Spray!!

Tejal V. Patel

This Mod-Zen Mama has equipped me with tons of mindfulness tools to help me stay calm, patient, and present with my two little ones. If you’re a parent looking for some guidance, look no further!

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