What is the deal with Exogenous Ketones? Do we really need them? Are they effective? Is being in ketosis even safe?!

So many questions on this topic which gives me the grand opportunity to research my science nerdy little heart out!

I want to start by saying that adding this supplement to a ketogenic diet is not necessary. Ketosis in the body is a state that you can and will come by strictly from the way you eat. Adding exogenous ketones is not needed. But, some people think they offer some great benefits so I decided to give them a try.

What are exogenous ketones (EK)? They are ketone supplements that can be added on to a low carb diet to boost your ketone levels which aids in brain function and can be used as a performance enhancer. EK are NOT a diet pill and they’re fairly useless when added to a carb heavy diet. If you are eating a standard american diet (aka SAD) please do not waste your money on EK thinking that they will burn off your carbs. They won’t. They can enhance the benefits of a low carb diet though. They are often used in the morning as a part of intermittent fasting.

I appreciated this “Bottom Line” breakdown from KetoVale.com:

“Bottom Line

Exogenous ketone supplement can put BHB (Beta-hydroxybutyrate or ketone bodies) in your blood and effectively in ketosis. The result varies by the individual but a typical boost is about 30 min – 3 hours, then your ketone levels will return to your baseline, whether that be in ketosis (from eating a ketogenic diet) or not in ketosis (if you eat too much carbs).

EK is not a magic pill. You cannot use it to erase eating choices. Stay away from the marketers who try to tell you that “you can have your cake and eat it too or just eat all the carbs that you love, and then just use our product and you’re good to go”. This is not true! You have to follow the keto diet effectively first, then you can supplement with EK to boost your energy and increase satiety.

Exogenous ketones are not a carb blocker or a guilt eraser after you cheat on your keto diet. It is not a weight loss supplement that leads to magical weight loss either.

We would suggest you to make better choices about your food first, follow the keto diet strictly for a while to get all the ketosis benefits from it. Then if you want to supplement afterward to help out, then you can make an informed decision and try exogenous ketones.

If you want to ask other exogenous ketones users for their feedback, make sure they are unbiased. They should tell you their feedback based on their genuine use of the products and their observation, not trying to convince you to try it so they can sell it to you and recruit you to their network marketing MLM team.

Finally, if you’re pregnant or have had any major illness before, you need to talk to your doctor before using these products.” –KetoVale.com


I thought it would fun to compare two similar products on the market and throw in my two cents.

Let’s start with, Pruvit KETO//OS. This is a very popular keto network marketing company. I have tried many of their products with mixed results. I love their Keto MAX Charged supplements but I haven’t enjoyed my experience with the rest of their line. I am sensitive to dairy which explains why certain products gave me stomach pain. Most of their products have a SUPER strong flavor and that was hard for me to get past. I have fairly bland taste buds. I haven’t had soda or juice in years so these overpowering flavors were hard for me to get down with. But, I always recommend this first to anyone who is trying to get off soda. I’m sure it helps to have something this flavorful in it’s place!

(Side note: #1 tip for a health upgrade…get off Soda! Especially Diet Soda which is full of chemicals that our body cannot make sense of. Diet soda keeps you fat and causes disease! Okay…stepping down from soapbox…)

As I said, I love their MAX Charged because I want that caffeine and I found a flavor that I like which is, SPLASH. (Grapefruit Peachy taste) Their prices are too high for me to buy on a regular basis and I’m not interested in selling it (which would cover the cost of my own product) because I’m not 100% on board with their line. But, anytime they have a sale, I excitedly buy the SPLASH Charged MAX. I love to support my friends who are doing this as a business. If you dig this product line, go join my friend Yvonne’s fb group, Keto on the Fly, and purchase through her. She’s amazingly supportive!

Now on to, Perfect Keto. This brand is really speaking my language. Clean, simple nutrition labels. I found them when I was on a search for the cleanest Collagen on the market. I’ve been using their Vanilla Collagen Protein Powder every morning for awhile now, before starting my keto experiment. Once I got into keto I decided to see how their ketone powder compared to pruvits. I noticed right away that the ingredient list was much shorter which always makes me happy. I want to know everything I’m ingesting and why. I don’t like seeing a bunch on nonsensical ingredients listed. I really enjoy their Peaches & Cream Keto Base. The flavor is mild and more my style. But, it has no caffeine which bums me out. But I’m sure that’s part of them keeping the product as pure and clean as possible.

Pruvit has more calories and carbs (and ingredients in general) in their EK packets than Perfect Keto. Calories 45 vs 15, Carb 5 (1 net) vs 0 Also, Pruvit does not list how much BHB aka Beta Hydroxybutyrate, (the added ketones) are in a packet. Whereas, Perfect Keto says exactly how much they put it. 11.38 grams. That just makes me reeeeeally curious as to why Pruvit isn’t spelling out the amount they use. If you know, please tell us! I’m a curious little kitty cat!

In conclusion, I am 100% on board with Perfect Ketos entire clean keto line of products. Pruvit has one product that I adore and will continue to use regularly but the others I’ve tried in their line haven’t been ideal for my body. Each of us has been blessed with a different body, different dna, and different food sensitivities so I urge you to try these out for yourself if you think that exogenous ketones could be a great supplement to your low carb diet!

If you want to try Pruvit, go hit up Yvonne at, Keto on the Fly and ask to buy a 3-10 day trial from her! If you want to try Perfect Keto use the code: APERFECT15 for 15% off!

Questions, comments, praise, and curiosity are all welcome. Let’s keep this conversation going!