esquaredWhen people ask me about my belief system, I tell them that I believe in E-Squared! Best-selling author, Pam Grout wrote one of my all time favorite books that completely shifted my view of my reality. E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality. I manifested so many things by following the experiments in that book! (Theater Tickets, Butterflies, $111, Sweet Potato Fries…maybe next time I’ll aim higher.)

And then something really magical happened…I manifested, Pam Grout herself! I decided to go to the Hay House I Can Do It Conference in Denver last year. It was incredible! The only downside was choosing which speaker to attend each hour. The hardest choice for me was between my favorite author, Pam Grout vs. my favorite YouTube personality, Teal Swan. I toiled over it, obsessed, complained, and eventually landed on Teal Swan. Mostly because I was convinced she was an alien and I wanted to experience her out of this world energy in person. But, thanks to my Pam obsessing, I created a different reality.

The first night of the conference my travel buddy and I went to dinner. We went into three restaurants before finally deciding on one. Then our table got switched halfway through. We were in the bar. It was dead. But low and behold, guess who was at the table next to us. Goddess Grout with her Leading Lady of Fun, Rhonda! I had a massive fan girl moment and impatiently waited for them to finish their meal before rushing over to introduce myself, thank her for writing her books, and inform her that I plan to work with her someday. But still, I was there to see Teal Swan. Wasn’t I? The next day, it was time to head to Teal’s talk but I realized I’d forgotten her book in my hotel room. I rushed back and climbed into the packed elevator. Then everyone got off the elevator and one person stepped on…PAM! AGAIN! “Hey, the Alaska girl!” she said. We made small talk while I clutched my purse that was holding her book, E-Squared! I was downright giddy. Then I realized the Universe was practically smacking me in the face with Ms. PG and it was her workshop that I was meant to attend. It was glorious. I listened intently for anything that might be magically important. She mentioned that she lived in Kansas.

I was going to be moving to Kansas City a month later and I was dreading it. (Turned out to be insanely awesome.) I emailed Pam after the conference asking if she lived near KC, MO. I told her about my husband’s project down there debuting his new show, “Chainsaw, the musical” at The Living Room Theater. One thing lead to another and we ended up going out to dinner and to my husband’s show in KC with the same spunky maven of fun, Rhonda who was with her when we met! It was a dream come true to break bread with a woman who helped me see what life is truly about and how my thoughts create my world. Now that I’ve manifested, Pam Grout, no one can convince me that my mind does not create my rockin’ reality!