Who Is This For?

Singers, Speakers, Actors, Musicians and Business Professionals who need to speak in front of large groups.

What We Will Cover:

* Vocal Techniques to Improve your Breathing, Endurance, Range, and Volume.

* How to Care for Your Voice (and still get on stage) When You’re Sick.

* My Exact Practices and Favorite Products to keep backstage at Every Gig

* Body Awareness and A New Understanding of the Connection You Need to Yourself in order to engage fully with the audience.

* Mirror Work. You MUST Know What the Audience Sees When They Are Looking at You!

* Busting Through Stage Fright. We will go through multiple practices that you can use on a daily basis (or right before hopping on stage) that will help you release fear, shift your perspective, gain confidence, and ROCK YOUR PERFORMANCE!

* 1-on-1 Work. I’m limiting this Workshop to 6 people so that we can dive in to your specific needs.

Why Work With Me?

I have been performing on stage since I was 5 years old. Theater was my first passion and I’ve worked with nearly every theater company in Anchorage performing in over 50 productions. I also toured the nation as the lead in an original musical. Living in a bus and performing 6 times a week for over 6 months straight taught me incredible hands-on lessons about taking care of my body and voice. I have also worked as a dancer and choreographer which helped me see the importance of our connection to our body. I am currently a professional singer with the award-winning band, Blaze & Eric. We have done almost 1,000 gigs over the past 6 years. This experience has added yet another layer to my knowledge around live performances and all the nuanced work that goes in to entertaining a crowd, appearing confident even when nervous, learning how to sing when sick (the show must go on!), and a number of tips and tricks that I’ll share at our workshop. My stage presence is my #1 skill as a performer but it didn’t come naturally. Incredible stage presence is a learned skill that I can’t wait to teach you!

Working with Blaze has been the most influential experience I could have ever asked for. She encourages you throughout every lesson and offers wonderful critique where it’s needed. After working with Blaze I have improved my stage presence and have learned how to control my breathing along with different singing techniques that overall improved my vocal ranges.

Kenley Kowalski


I appreciate Blaze’s unique goofy, smiley, nurturing fashion of teaching. She listens well and understands your goals and the emotions behind them. So I feel comfortable expressing myself honestly with an open-minded person.

McLean Beasley


I run a company that teaches solopreneurs how to hire and train a virtual assistant. The expert confidence boosters and voice-care tips that I learned in just 1.5 hours of Blaze’s Performance Coaching Masterclass were invaluable in producing my own online training program.  If you’re not sure if what you have to offer is going to help a lot of people, then you need Blaze because her warm, encouraging coaching style will help reveal your unique gifts!

Anna Baumgartner

Entrepreneur, Time2Profit

The class was great! Blaze was so charismatic and had us all laughing. Now I know how to physically prepare myself for performing which will be very important in the Alaskan weather!

Andrew Erickson

Musician, Bound To Earth

Contact Me with any questions you have! Thank you. I can’t wait to work with you!!

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