I absolutely love doing experiments on my own body. I kinda feel like that’s what life is about. Nutrition fascinates me SO MUCH which is why I dove deep into nutrition school and I still research every new trend and old school habit. No amount of reading blogs, books, and hearing lectures can compare to trying something for myself on my own body to see how it feels!

I am on Day 16 of a Ketogenic experiment. I’ve been talking shit about this diet for some time because I couldn’t comprehend how opposite it was from many things I’ve been taught and I thought it was merely an Atkins re-brand. Thank goodness I was wrong! A lot of my most respected health mentors started spouting it’s goodness so I decided to try it myself with all the suspicion in the world.

WOW! I feel better than I’ve felt…possibly EVER.

The first change that really stood out was how warm I am now. I’m that annoying chick who is always the coldest person in the room. Everywhere. I figured I’m just anemic and will always be searching for the nearest blanket. But now I’m warm! It’s the most amazing feeling.

I’ve lost about 7 lbs of fat. 10 lbs is my ultimate goal so the fact that I lost more than half of that right away was impressive but more noticeable than the number on the scale is the change in how my body looks and how my clothes fit! I’ve lost a lot of inches and I feel so strong. I can see ab definition!

I normally graze all day and now I eat once or twice and I’m completely satiated.

The biggest and more impactful shift for me is releasing my lifelong Sugar Addiction! More than half of American’s are addicted to sugar, thanks to our flawed Standard American Diet. I’ve been bingeing on candy and any carb-y goodness that changes to sugar in the bloodstream, for as long as I can remember. Not anymore!

I have been researching like a mofo. I’ve listened to at least 50 podcasts on the topic in the past 2.5 weeks, read countless blogs, and have been counting my macros to ensure that my experiment is being done correctly.

I could go on and on about this so if you have more questions please please reply to this email!! I have no one to share this with at the moment and I’d love to chat about it more! My husband has a mostly vegetarian diet so he’s weirded out that I’m eating so much meat but he also sees that I’m no longer crashing from sugar, I’m way more energetic, I’m not whining about being cold, my sex drive has gone way up, and I’m not having mood swings so he is INTO IT!

If you’d like to do more research on your own I recommend the podcasts: Fast Keto with Ketogenic Girl & The Keto Answers Podcast with Anthony GustinKeto Karma is also a really helpful website and Dr. Ken Barry has a great sarcastic video giving great info in a hilarious way!

The best Keto products I’ve found are from Perfect Keto. I take the Keto Collagen every morning. Great for the skin, hair, and joints! I don’t think Exogenous Ketones are essential for a strong keto lifestyle but they did help me a lot during week one as my body shifted from burning carbs to fat and they’re awesome right before a workout.

You can get 15% off Perfect Keto using code: KETOTIME15 and using This Link!

I don’t know if I’ll stay on this nutritional path forever but so far it’s suited my unique body much more than my Vegan, Standard American Diet, or Vegetarian experiments did. I loved Paleo so no surprise since this is a close relative.

Again, I would LOVE any questions on this!

I’ll share more at the 30-60 day mark when I do blood work and glucose levels. It’s all about bio-hacking, brain health, and longevity!

Talk soon, Love! xo