Happy June!
A new month is a beautiful time to set intentions and get a fresh start.
May was a very emotional month for me. In April, I took some incredibly courageous actions that released TONS of fear that I had been holding on to for a decade! I felt so light and excited. I couldn’t wait to see what amazingness would fill that new empty space within me. Much to my surprise, my ego took over and started filling that space with more of the same. This time it wasn’t fear but it was major confusion and discomfort.
Our ego, or fear-based side, it always trying to protect us. It’s our job to determine whether it’s helping or hurting.
I was suddenly obsessing about things I hadn’t thought about in years and I was searching for something but I didn’t know what. It finally dawned on me that I had no idea how to feel safe, comfortable, and free. I’d never fully experienced that so it made perfect sense that my mind and body were searching for the only thing they knew…fear and discomfort.
I began to talk to my fear. Befriend it. And let it know that we were okay and it was time to release the negative feelings and call in something new!
In her book, “Big Magic”, Elizabeth Gilbert talks a lot about fear. She says, don’t ever let it drive the car…or choose the radio station…or pick the snacks. But it can sit in the backseat quietly because it isn’t the enemy. It just doesn’t know the difference between our stress-response fears of a bear running towards us vs. sharing our new poem with the world. We must use discernment on when our fear has our permission to lead.
Here is a wonderful interview between Elizabeth Gilbert and Marie Forleo with more on this topic:
I know a week of June has already gone by but it isn’t too late to set some intentions!
I love setting new intentions each month, on the 1st and/or with the Full and New Moons!
Kathrin Zenkina aka Manifestation Babe, provides my favorite Intention Setting Worksheet.

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