“I Am Light” by India Arie is one of my favorite songs. She in the Queen when it comes to inspirational lyrics. If you need a boost of motivation, listen to her album: Testimony: Vol. 1 Life & Relationship! “I Choose” is my favorite song of all time and it’s on this album.

The first time I heard this song I was at a Hay House event in Denver with my step-mom. Wayne Dyer was a main speaker and his daughter Skye Dyer joined him on stage and sang, “I Am Light” acapella. It was beautiful.

Last night I had the honor of speaking and singing at a local shelter for women with children, The Clare House. I sang this song and played guitar. That was my maiden voyage of playing guitar in public. My skill level is low but I’m learning and as I always tell my friends and clients, “Start Before You’re Ready!!!” 

Lyric: “I am not the voices in my head”

Not every thought we have is true! What a relief! It blew my mind when I learned that I didn’t have to believe or give a shit about every thought or emotion that waved it’s way through me.

Thoughts are beliefs and beliefs can be changed and they need to be changed when they are no longer serving us.

What beliefs were you raised with that you may want to release now? Money beliefs? Ideas about relationships, self-worth, “Shoulds”.

If you were ever told anything with “should” in the sentence…re-think it. My friend always says, “Eew! Stop should-ing on me!” If you are dragging ass living a life full of things you don’t care much about, please stop and ask yourself these questions. Who said you should be in this career, this school, this relationship, this hobby? Does their opinion matter more than yours? Are they living a life that you want? If not, it’s time to gracefully let go and move into things that set your soul on FIRE, BABY!

Lyric: “I am not the things my family did.”

A lot of us think we are destined to end up like our parents. For me that would look like being a hopeless junkie, being controlled by emotional eating, and being afraid. Guess what…NO. We get to be whomever we want to be! We get to break generational cycles in our families! Does it take action and healing work? Yes and it is incredibly worth it! The more you heal, the more your parents, grandparents, and children will heal. I will not die an addict. I will not use food to numb my emotions. I will not abandon my children. I’ll do anything to break the cycles of my ancestors and give myself and my kids a new path!

Lyric: “I am Light”

You are whole. You are worthy of love. You are not broken. You are the creator of your life! Embrace the power you have and get ready for a wild ride, sweet thing! xo

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Please share with me any take aways you have on this topic. What beliefs, old stories, or generational patterns are you considering shifting out of?