I’m OBSESSED with these Badass Affirmation Cards by Angie Bee Hotz! They come in different categories; Everyday, Body Positivity, Birth, Post-Partum, and Movement. This doula, mala maker, and loving woman is such an inspiration!

I know that after the holidays we all start moving more to work off the treats. Let’s just cut to the chase! Erin Stutland is by far my favorite exercise guru. Her combo of mantras and movement keeps me inspired! Check out her Soul Strolls, Shrink Session, and more!

The work of, Tejal V. Patel, has been a major game-changer in my life! She created the Mindful Mama Experience and is a leader in the field of Mindfulness and Meditation. Her newest program is the, 7 Day Stress Detox Course. Either buy this for yourself so that you can handle the holidays with a new sense of peace or send it to an extra high-strung relative as a, hint-hint. Her work is amazing and if you’re a Mom you definitely need to hop on her mailing list!

BOOM! You just got LOVED! I absolutely adore everything that my friend Jenna, creator of The Love Bomb Company, creates! Coffee Mugs, Art Prints, Tote Bags, Wine Glasses, and Mason Jars covered in hilarious loveable quotes. A few of my faves are: “Today i will manifest some cool ass shit”, “Today I Shall Be EPIC”, “Inhale the good shit, Exhale the bullshit”, and the new Beyonce quote pictured will be my next buy from her. Enjoy the love bombs!

“Fueled by Caffeine and Chaos”. How does she know my life?! Gina, the genius behind Mom Life Must Haves, is speaking to my crazy busy chaotic soul with everything she creates. Go check out all the fun swag for Mom’s, Dad’s, Aunt’s, and Grandparents. It’s good shit!! (I left her Instagram name across the top of the image. Go follow!)

I have a few friends who seem to have had insomnia and awful sleeping issues forever! This nutrition line, Purium, is easily the most high-vibe and high-quality product on the market and this kit is so healing! Check out all their other goodness and use my code: blazebell to get $50 off anything! I’ve tried just about every product so feel free to reach out with questions!

Ooh la la! My incredible friend, Karla has created a luxurious Goddess Bath Blend! 100% organic infused with pink himalayan salt, calendula, roses, chamomile, and lavender. Luscious!!

Radiance, A Self Love Online Course! Yeah, Baby! I’m 100% biased about the sheer awesomeness of this course because I co-created with my dear friend, Sol of Sol + Heart Coaching. This 4 week course takes you on a journey through Intention, Acceptance, Courage, and Joy as you learn new tools around loving yourself like crazy! We put so much heart and valuable content into this course. I can’t wait for you to experience, Radiance!

Books are such a great gift. (In my opinion…) It’s the gift that keeps on giving! You’re gifting an adventure, new knowledge, tools for a better life, kinky erotica, cooking skills, etc. The world is your oyster when gifting a book! Check out my, Life-Changing Book List! I’ve broken it down into the categories; Health & Wellness, Mindfulness & Meditation, Healing From Trauma & Fear, Woo-Woo, Business & Money, and Addiction Recovery. Enjoy!!

For the week of December 10th-17th, I am so excited to offer, Pay-What-You-Can Coaching Sessions! I know that the holidays can be the most stressful time of the year. Fun abounds but so does depression. I really want to offer my overflowing toolbox of stress relievers this month! Booking a session is easy peasy. Head over to my calendar: Blaze’s Calendar. Choose a 30 minute time slot and then start opening your heart and mind to some new ways of feeling peace! You can find all the details here: From Chaos to Cool.