Hi Beauty!
Phew, what a week! I imagine that you’ve seen the many #metoo posts floating around social media. I was both triggered and inspired by them. Healing from sexual assault is a big part of my story and an area where I offer a lot of advocacy and help to other survivors. This outpouring of posts motivated me to finally start the private facebook community I’ve been considering for months. I’d love to have you join my group, Freedom From Fear. I’ve been sharing resources and hopping on to do live videos of healing tools. If you’re interested in finding a safe space (I’m super vigilant about who I allow in the group) and new ways to heal (meditations, tapping, movement, tons of resources!) then please consider joining. It’s my honor to serve survivors. It’s a topic that is very close to my heart!
I am so excited to announce the very first LIVE and IN-PERSON Radiance Workshop! This is Part 1 of a 4 part series. It’s all about, Intention. Solveig (of Sol + Heart Coaching) and I will be diving into core desired feelings, intention setting, live coaching, and more! It will take place in downtown Anchorage at the magical, Kindred Collective. I can’t wait to have you come spend time with us in person. Whenever I get near Solvieg I start to feel calm, peaceful, and loved. She’s one of those high vibe happy aura types that are a freaking joy to be near! Learn all about it and sign up here: Radiance Workshop (We only have room for 9 people so sign up today!)
Did you join in Erin Stutland’s free 5 day Say It, Sweat It, Get It challenge?! She’s so amazing. Combining mantras with movement really upped the quality of my workouts. It’s so much more than just jumping around and having fun together. (Although there’s plenty of that, too!) What you’ll actually be doing is sweating out some of those old beliefs and thought patterns that aren’t serving you. Learn more and join the Shrink Session party here: Erin Stutland!
If you are looking for an incredible mentor to help you change your money story and start earning and manifesting more $$, you MUST check out Kathrin Zenkina’s upcoming program, Rich Babe! She is the most trustworthy and open-hearted money mentor I’ve found. I’ve also watched her journey of going from earning about $6,000 a month when I first started following her about 8 months ago and now she makes over 6-figures A MONTH. She practices what she preaches and she is serving the world in a beautiful way!
Have a beautiful week, Sweet One!!