esternicholson“My name is Ester, and I am a powerful, magnificent, whole, perfect and complete expression of Spirit. That has always been my true identity. And it is also yours.” –Soul Recovery, 12 Keys to Healing Dependence.

I recently heard Ester’s audio interview during the, Tapping World Summit. It wasn’t the lecture I was looking for but it turns out that it was the one I needed. I’ve been clean and sober for 3 1/2 years and I felt that with the meetings I’ve attended, steps I’ve worked and books I’ve read I’d heard more than I ever wanted to know about addiction. But something told me to press play and at least check out the intro. As Jessica Ortner started speaking, a smile spread across my face. “Ester went from a drug addict living on the streets to a spiritual healer who has sung in Madison Square Garden as Rod Stewarts back-up singer and will be featured this month on the OWN channels new show, In Deep Shift“. Say WHAAAT?! As a former addict who is currently a professional singer, I was hooked.

Ester’s soothing voice calmed me as she spoke of her journey and then led us on some beautiful guiding tapping sequences. Her message today is about going beyond the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (which she attributes to saving her life) and embracing a deeper spiritual connection that shifts the 12 Steps of AA concept of “Powerlessness” to connecting with your Inner Power. I’ve always struggled with saying I’m powerless over…anything. Deep down, I don’t believe that.

When I went on her website and saw that she was going to be in my home town 2 weeks later, I was beyond excited!! No one ever comes to Alaska. It was a divine encounter. I texted everyone I could think of that would benefit from her presence. She was going to be the guest speaker at a service at Unity Church, then lead a workshop on the “Keys to Abundance” and make appointments for private sessions the following day. I signed up for everything!

She sang, she danced, and she made us all smile, tear up and laugh. Her vibe was absolute love and infectious peace. During my short time with her she helped me uncover why I’m uncomfortable with the word, “God” and what put me in the vibration to attract some of the confusing events in my past. Both of those were mind-blowing discoveries that completely shifted my perspective and brought me so much peace. The idea she presented that made the biggest impact on me was about adjectives. Ha! We did some role-playing in the workshop. We had to choose someone we had resentment towards and work through it in a few steps. One segment was saying a list of one word adjectives to describe how that person made us feel. Unwanted. Betrayed. Abandoned. Inadequate. Stupid. Worthless. Then we were challenged to determine the root of those emotions. “Jane Doe”, the woman who I felt really pissed at was only triggering a deeper unresolved issue. The answer wasn’t to lash out at her because it isn’t about her. It’s about me finding the real reason I’m hurting. If I can heal the root then the “assholes” I meet today won’t trigger me. They won’t be blamed for something they don’t even know about. And I’ll be free. LOVE IT!

Her concepts, experience and overflowing love made a deep impact on my soul and I highly recommend her book, “Soul Recovery, 12 Keys to Healing Dependence” to anyone who deals with addiction of any kind. Beyond drugs and alcohol we can be addicted to eating, shopping, sex, gossiping, complaining or feeling inadequate.

You are so worthy of embracing your joy! Please check out her book and website, Soul Recovery.

Are you familiar with Ester? What are the best takeaways who have from what she has to offer? Please leave comments below!