Are you ready to release the endless negative thought patterns that interrupt your ability to find joy?

Do you feel like your life looks pretty from the outside but on the inside you’re feeling lost, not good enough, and unhappy?

Are there situations from your past that you can’t seem to let go of even though you know that pain is holding you back from thriving?

Are you stuck in a monotonous cycle and ready to break free and up-level the badassery of your life?

Life is meant to be FUN. If you are not having fun that means something needs to change.

We all had parents who were doing the best they could with what they knew. Now it’s time to re-parent ourselves because the stories and beliefs we grew up with might not be serving us today.

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”  “Love causes pain.”  “There are bad guys out there.”

Those are a few things I heard, or witnessed, growing up. As an adult I realized that I had deep beliefs about money, love, work, and fear that were causing me to create a life that I did not like!

I was a scared and lost girl who felt very unsafe in the world. I turned to alcohol, drugs, and emotional eating to numb my pain. I allowed myself to be defined by the traumatic events I’d endured.

I finally decided that enough was enough. I reminded myself that I’m a badass mother and I changed those beliefs!

I gave healing a chance. I asked for help and I took EVERY suggestion given.

Now I not only feel safe in the world but I also CREATE MY REALITY! I read hundreds of books, I consulted therapists and life coaches, I answered tons of life-changing questions in workbooks, I worked the 12 steps, I felt the pain and fear flow through me and then leave me layer by layer.

There is a vibrant, sensual, and empowered version of you that is right under the surface waiting for you to take the courageous action of setting it free!

Are you ready to stop making decisions that are based on pleasing other people?

Do you want to see what that body, mind, and soul of yours can really do?

It is time to heal, forgive, and let go of the bullshit so that you can see how incredibly amazing the world can look when you’re embracing your true self!

It’s time to remember who you came to this earth to be.

I am grateful for the opportunity I had to work with Blaze last summer. We spent three months together, meeting once a week, and her innate intuition and ability to ask exactly the right questions gave me a clarity and feeling of empowerment that exists today. Sometimes life is confusing. It is often filled with difficult people, choices and circumstances. It helps tremendously to have someone like Blaze walking the path beside you, at times pointing out things by the side of the road that you may have missed, or looking at the map differently, but always providing a gentle illumination (or fiery light!). There is strength in numbers and power in vulnerability. I’m excited for her future clients. Riza B.

Chef, Author, Yogi

Blaze has been in my life for over 4 years as a confidant, mentor & friend. She is very attuned with her ability to heal and grow through numerous types of skills and tools which she graciously passed on to myself and others. Blaze has many amazing traits. She holds incredible strength, Blaze shines magnifying love, embraces the good, is loving & has a Passionate Purpose.
I have witness her growth and change & dedication personally over the years. I have also had personal shifts in my addictions and growth in my life with the consistent help, guidance and encouragement of Blaze. Blaze is a trusted friend with an abundance of integrity. Her essence is a gift to the world!
Blaze makes everyone feel like someone!!


I am glad to be able to have such an empathetic coach to talk to through all of the twists & curves of life these days. Thankful for your nutrition guidance, your calming meditations & the program Radiance! And then there is being able to go hear you sing when you perform; best medicine EVER!! Thanks for being you!

Regional Manager

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