Cultivating Courage!

 Have you felt held back or even paralyzed by fear? Fear exists to help us stay safe but there is a big difference between True Fear (a bear is running towards us, our car is swerving off the road, a meteor is flying at us) VS. False Fear (what-if’s, future tripping about all the things that could go wrong in the Imaginary future, letting our ego take over and completely stop us from making any changes that take us out of our comfort zone). False Fear has got to GO! When we get out of our comfort zones, magic happens! That’s where we grow and learn and discover what a badass we are!

   Next time your ego/false fear starts chiming in, try saying this: “Hi Fear. Thank you for caring about me so much and wanting to keep me safe. But I’m just writing a poem/going on a date/applying for a new job/etc. No one is going to get hurt and this might be the best thing to ever happen to us. Thank you for your concern but I do not need your input today.” Release it and keep moving towards your dreams and goals.

   Please enjoy the PDF I made for you! It has my top picks for exploring fear, stepping into your power, and cultivating courage!

Courage Resources PDF

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