At any point in your life,
you have the power
to pick up the pen &
rewrite your story.

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I have never met anyone who takes the world by storm quite the way Blaze does. She has a deep reverence for the work and shows up in her life so completely. Her healing gift as a coach is at once deep and light-hearted, soul-shifting, and completely fun. She walks this fine line between seriousness and play, and proves that changing your life doesn't have to be so hard. Moving through the deep emotional terrain of past trauma, fear, insecurity, and addiction takes an experienced guide. Blaze shines her flashlight of love into all these dark spaces and totally navigates it all with fearless grace. Her love of healing tools, resources, and nutrition is infectious and anyone working with her is lucky to have such a multi-passionate woman by your side. Be ready to transform your fears into love!
Jennifer Tosner

Warrior Storyteller Founder

I have the utmost respect and admiration for Blaze. She’s full of peace, passion, and deep kindness for others. I see Blaze inspiring millions of people with her gifts and I’m so happy and proud to be one of her mentors.
Rachel Ortense


Blaze is one of my favorite people! Since the first day I met her, she has been warm, kind, open, consistent, and trustworthy - and someone I want to be around, share ideas with, and learn from. Blaze inspires me and others to be the best versions of themselves through being a fierce role model who has a strong commitment to healing, having a great sense of humor, being an amazing mom and partner, and being so courageous. Over the years, Blaze and I have partnered to lead workshops together, and it is a delight to work
with her. I continue to admire and respect her, and know that you will benefit from working with this dynamic, strong, super cool human. She is definitely a big-hearted change maker, and I trust she will continue to help so many people to heal and thrive.
Solveig Pedersen

Life Coach

Hi, I’m Blaze.

I am Free, Courageous, and I know how to return to Joy. But, I wasn’t always this way.

For years, I stayed trapped in my pain, which led to addiction and self-destruction. I was a prisoner chained to my past. I had a choice…live in the present, or die in the past. I chose to live. I was determined to not be a victim anymore! I have transitioned from fear to love, from chaos to calm, from pieces to peaceful.

I can show you how to choose these things as well. Do you have a desire to find your joy, receive your peace, and live a life worthy of you?

Now is your time! You are done just existing. You are ready to reach the next level.